The beauty of banded agates: An exploration of agates from eight major worldwide sites Author: Carlson, Michael R. The beauty of banded agates. Fortification Press, 2002.
This book always was and has become a masterpiece of Agates and Jaspers. Author: Gibbs, Ron Agates and jaspers., 2009.
Author: Shaub, Benjamin Martin The origin of agates, thundereggs, Bruneau jasper, septaria and butterfly agates. Agate Publishing Co., 1989.
A must for agate lovers!!! This book gives a great overview of the agates of the UK with incredible photography. Also includes information on the formation of agates and various agate industries. Most importantly – includes agate localities and collecting info for anyone interested in pursuing
The RIVER RUNS NORTH is a complete story of the Montana Moss Agate. * Over 254 full color photographs intersperse the 112 pages of Montana Agate history. * Explores the history of Montana Agate , from the native Americans to the explorers and first settlers of
AGT The agates of North America. Lapidary Journal, 1961. NA
This agate book has been compiled to help rockhounds to “think like an agate.” Information and photographs are included to help beginning and experienced agate hunters to understand agates “inside out.” Author: Brzys, Karen Agate inside out. Gitche Gumee Agate & History Museum, 2010.