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Of North San Luis Obispo County, CA

Hello Rockhounds,

By now you should have received a list of nominees for next year’s Board of Directors for your consideration and approval, or rejection. This is, in fact, the Nominating Committee’s slate of nominees for next year, however, running an election in this fashion does not comply with the bylaws; Article X and Article XI.

Since our October meeting was canceled by a vote of the SLR Board of Directors, not by a mandate of the CDC, as president, I am overriding the vote and we will be having a meeting on Monday, the 18th of October, at 7:00 p.m. at 601 S. Main Street, in Templeton.

NOTICE: The CDC requires that vaccinated and unvaccinated folks in the same room, we will all be required to wear masks.

The slate of officer nominees for 2022 will be presented at the October meeting. Please bring any other nominations to the floor at that time. The accepted nominees will be voted on at the November meeting. I am terribly sorry, for the confusion and misunderstanding.

Lisa King, President

For recent pictures of rocks collected at various locations on the Central Coast, see our Facebook page.