Don Pierce and Don Huntington have been members of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds for 5 years. Their showcases have won 1st place in the visitors poll 4 years in a row! It’s no wonder when you look at the exceptional workmanship and artistic pride they take in shaping every detail. A case like the dinosaur case can take up to one year of hard work to produce. Don Pierce, a registered Salinan Indian, makes exquisite jewelry, Native American Artifacts and is an experienced knapper. His handiwork is evident in slide 3 which showcases some of his knapped arrowheads. Don Huntington was introduced to the lapidary arts by Don Pierce. Together they have collaborated to produce some outstanding showcases using only basic lapidary tools like 8 inch grinders, 8 inch cutting wheels and a dremel tool.. The scenes behind the fish and dinosaurs were hand painted by Trudy Sylvester, also a registered Salinan Indian.