Santa Lucia Rockhounds


The Santa Lucia Junior Rockhounds is a youth based subset within the Santa Lucia Rockhounds Club.


It is affiliated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies FUTURE ROCKHOUNDS of AMERICA program. Its purpose is to engage the youth of our club in all aspects of rockhounding.


The youth are enrolled in the FRA and earn badges within a structured program. Once they earn six badges they are designated as Rockhounds.


The youth meet during the regular club meetings on the third Monday of each month.

January's general meeting was all about our Junior rockhounds.

         Tonight’s’ program was presented by our junior members. They are working to achieve official rock hound status by collecting six available badges from the AFMS. Sam Gomez was awarded badges for showmanship, Lapidary arts and collecting. Brian Martines received badges for lapidary Art and Collecting. Hobie Smith received badges for Collecting and Hartley Hall received badges for Collecting, Lapidary Arts and Rocks and Minerals.

        Our junior speakers gave fine oral presentations about the three most common minerals. They were Eva Rodriguez, quartz; Hartley Hall, calcite; Hobie Smith, aragonite; Kerrigan Jensen, gypsum; Brian Martines, gypsum, var. selenite; and Sam Gomez, Galena. They all received applause for a job well done.

       Sam Gomez demonstrated a mineral identification kit he had put together in the junior rock hounds program. It was educational and fun for all.